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Advanced Nuclear Safety Evaluation of Liquid Metal Using Systems


The importance of low carbon energy sourcesin the efforts against rapid climate change makes nuclear energy part of a sustainable energy mix. Although there have been years of experience feedback with water cooled reactors, fundamental improvement, particularly regarding intrinsic safety and reduced nuclear waste generation is possible using advanced nuclear designs. Heavy metal cooled systems such as the lead fast reactor (LFR) combine the advantages of a fast reactor system that reduces waste with the intrinsic safety related properties such as the high boiling point, chemical inertia and improved heat transfer.

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  • ANSELMUS - PASCAL Review Meetings, 8-12 April 2024 // See SharePoint: Project Review Meetings for agenda
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ANSELMUS responds to the Horizon-Euratom -2021-NRT-01-02 call “Safety of advanced and innovative nuclear designs and fuels”. Its objective is to contribute significantly to the safety assessment of heavy-liquid-metal (HLM) systems, in particular ALFRED and MYRRHA as these are included in the roadmap for the development of advanced systems in Europe.

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